The Favorite Food Diet System


When I first came across the concept of the Favorite Food Diet system I was chatting with my friend and dismissed the idea as just another fad, but when I saw her again a few weeks later she was looking really well so I thought I might find out more. For many years I had struggled with different diets and weight loss regimes just to find that I either felt ill from a lack of nutrients, lost weight very quickly for the first few weeks and then stayed at the same level for ages, or became so depressed I caved in and had a few treats to cheer myself up and gave up soon after so I had decided to learn to love my curves instead. However after speaking to my friend and seeing how easy she was finding it to stick to the plan I decided to find out more about Chrissie Mitchell and her Favorite Food Diet System.

On first glace the website was different to any other diet plan website I have visited, there were no before and after photos, no unrealistic promises and no mention of points or other food counting methods. Instantly I felt more interested, this seemed to be a new approach to dieting that was based on fact and living healthily and not another gimmick that was designed to make money. When reading the initial few paragraphs the concept of the Favorite Food Diet System began to completely win me over, instead of endlessly counting calories and depriving myself of the foods I love this concept was based on repairing your bodies gut microbiome so it can regulate your bodies weight efficiently again, and although this sounds complicated with Chrissie Mitchell’s step by step guide it’s actually far more simple to achieve than you may first think.

As the Favorite Food Diet System offered a full money back guarantee I had nothing to lose so I decided to sign up. The whole course is accessible online it is so convenient to follow, and if you want to double check something when you are out and about it’s not problem at all which is something I found so helpful when I was out shopping for groceries. The four phase diet system covers four key areas, The Importance of Whole Foods, Nourishing your Gut Microbiome, Including your Favorite Foods and Drink Clean Water Every Day and as I progressed through the program I learnt more and more about how my body really works and how to regulate my body weight effectively. Armed with my new found education and a host of delicious recipes to try I began to really change the relationship I had with my body and my approach to eating although and, yes I could and did include my favorite foods!



After a short time I began to see real results and following the plan was so straight forward and stress free at no time did I feel like I wanted to give up or that I was being deprived of the foods I really enjoy. Being able to access the program online whenever I wanted was a huge bonus and having all the information and education I needed on hand gave me the insight and confidence I needed to begin to make the best choices for me around food. Once I began to understand more about how the body functioned in relationship to weight I could see why none of the diets or weight loss clubs I had tried in the past had achieved any lasting results, and the more I learnt the more I could see why this approach to dieting really works. As a mum who has had problems with weight loss in the past herself Chrissie Mitchell has a real insight into how daily life really works so nothing included within the program is difficult to include in your daily routine or have any unrealistic expectations, the whole program is delivered with a down to earth that approach that will appeal to most people that are struggling with weight loss which really helped to keep my interest which gave me motivation to continue with the system.


As the Favorite Food Diet system is designed by looking at the body and the way it functions as a whole there is a real focus on your general wellbeing not just a drive to lose the pounds, the new way of looking at things made looking after myself seem far more achievable and a lot less punishing and with no embarrassing group weigh ins involved either I found the Favorite Food Diet System the ideal way to control my weight. Now I have completed all four stages and perfected my favorite recipes from the Favorite Food Diet Program I am at a healthy body weight and for the first time in my adult life am actually happy with my image when I look in the mirror!


Since this is an exclusive product, it is available only online. Click the link below and it will take you to a page where you can purchase it for an amazing low price today. The best part is, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee! But we know you’ll love it!

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