Say Goodbye to Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Pain!

Plantar fasciitis is a common and often chronic type of repetitive strain injury.

It can cause severe discomfort and pain in the arches and soles of your feet, and it commonly affects runners, hikers, and those who have to stand up for a living, like people who operate cash registers.

Though plantar fasciitis can happen to anyone, it is especially common in people with diabetes, pregnant women, runners, tennis players, and people who do in step aerobics or stair climbing.

Unfortunately, many podiatrists are largely focused on surgical procedures and are not particularly effective at treating plantar fasciitis and other chronic repetitive strain injuries.

For years, sufferers of plantar fasciitis have had to deal with ineffective treatments and therapy sessions that can stretch on for months.

But now there’s a new, easy-to-use treatment that can STOP plantar fasciitis pain and let you live your life without painful foot, heel, and arch problems!

  • 12 large acupoints to support your foot’s arch and the body’s core
  • 120 medium acupoints to stimulate reflex
  • 270 small acupoints that promote nutrient-rich blood flow
  • 5 magnets are strategically placed to relieve pain when on the key reflex points

MindInsole insoles are removable insoles that fit inside of your shoes to provide relief and comfort for your feet.

They can prevent foot numbness, tingling, and pain, all without the need for costly medication or invasive surgery.

MindInsole insoles are designed with hundreds of precisely-placed pressure point nodules that stimulate the hundreds of nerve endings in your feet.

By stimulating these points, MindInsole can bring relief to all sorts of aches and pains that affect the human foot!

In addition, MindInsole features powerful embedded magnets that excite the nerve pathways which end in the foot, providing much-need relief from foot pain. And the magnets react with the iron in human blood to improve circulation and increase the oxygen supply to your cells.

But MindInsole is not only effective at treating plantar fasciitis – it can also help to soothe aching arches, back pain, sciatica, fatigue, tension headaches, shoulder pain, and a variety of other painful symptoms.

If you suffer from burning, aching feet, or even always-cold feet due to poor circulation, you owe it to yourself to try on a pair of MindInsoles.

They can provide instant relief to sore, tired, and aching feet, and allow you to start living a life free of nagging chronic pain!

Kiss Your Pain Goodbye and Start Living Life Again!

MindInsole insoles can relieve you of chronic pain, allowing you to start living a more active, independent lifestyle.

Simply add MindInsoles to your shoes and enjoy the comfort of pain-free feet!

MindInsole will massage your feet by stimulating the pressure points located on the soles of your feet.

Thousands of people swear that MindInsoles are a unique product which combines both magnetic therapy and reflexology to stimulate reflex and pressure points for an improved health and vitality.

Make nagging pain a thing of the past! It’s times to stop letting pain control your life!

You can get rid of your pain and start living the life you want to live TODAY!

MindInsole – The Final Word in Pain Relief!

MindInsole insoles feature hundreds of soothing pressure point nodules that relax and massage the soles of your feet, offering relief from soreness and boosting your endurance and energy!

MindInsole insoles can relieve back pain, help to lower stress, strengthen muscles, cool and soothe your feet, improve your circulation, and help you to naturally flush toxins!

MindInsole insoles are the best magnetic insoles to help relieve muscle soreness and stress on your feet as you wear them throughout the day.

Their gentle magnetic waves help to draw out inflammation and increase circulation where you need it the most.

MindInsole Changes Lives for the Better!

“I was able to walk all day long without pain!” “A lot of people don’t know about magnets and healing. I suffer from plantar faciitis, so I got a new pair of shoes and placed the MindInsole inserts inside. Then I went on a long vacation and did a ton of walking. The MindInsole protected my feet and kept me from feeling any pain at all!” Susan W – Brockton, Massachusetts

“Relieved the pain of standing all day at work!” “When I used to come home from standing all day at my job, my feet would always ache and burn. I felt terrible, but now my foot pain has vanished since I started using the MindInsole insertable insoles! Everything seems better in my life when I wear my insoles – having total body comfort and overall good health can really change your whole outlook in life!” Mick S – Sarasota, Florida

“MindInsole leaves me feeling good at the end of the day” “Do you remember when you were just a kid and you still felt good after playing outdoors all day long? Wearing my insoles brought back that feeling. I’m not tired or stressed out after being on my feet all day, I just feel refreshed. Now I can play with my kids when I get off work instead of having to soak my feet in a tub of Epsom salts!” Mario P – Toronto, Ontario

“Massaging action really pampers your aching feet” “I absolutely recommend these insoles to my friends and family. Everyone who is stressed or has aches and pains will probably realize a huge improvement within minutes of putting on a pair of MindInsole insoles. Wearing these soles just feels good. You can feel the massage action, and it cradles your feet. Every step feels like a good foot rub! You have to try it to believe it!!” Otto B – Cedar Rapid, Iowa


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Mindinsole have changed my lif

I have been suffering unbearable pain in my back due to disc damage from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.Medication has not given me complete relief but with the help of Mindinsole I am almost pain free. They have changed my life.


They really make a difference

Having chronic back pain from numerous surgeries due to being hit by a car in 1986, I was very skeptical that an insole could make a difference but I was willing to try anything. To my surprise the insoles really do help with the pain. I find that I can walk farther and with reduced pain. I am now a believer and would recommend these to anyone that may be wondering if the insoles could help them.


I can feel my feet!

I have neuropathy without the mindsoles i have little physical awareness of my feet, with the mindsoles i know where my feet are!!! i recomend anyone with neuropathy to give these a try. i just sent a pair to my dad. thank you mindsoles!


Love Mindinsole!

These inserts help my very tender feet in a good way. I no longer have the padding (ball) under my toes on either feet. I have had 6 surgeries on my right foot. Walking causes me great pain. Your inserts have helped me tremendously my husband and I are on Disability and fixed incomes. So I will have to use my one pair until they are no longer helpful but cannot afford to buy more.


Mindsoles for back pain

At first I thought it was all my imagination that my back didn’t hurt. I thought there was no way that my back wasn’t hurting after my shift was over. I only bought one pair and I switch them from one pair of shoes to the other. I wear them every day. I will be purchasing more. I tell everyone about the insoles. People don’t believe that they work and it’s my imagination. I tell them it’s their loss. They really work I love them. Thank you!


Helped Get Rid Of Sciatica

Along with my chiropractor and 10 trips to the decompression table, wearing my mindinsole inserts I put my sciatica in my rear view mirror in five weeks! My podiatrist and my chiropractor felt that the inserts were helpful. After wearing them for two months everyday, I'm wearing them every third day all day for maintaining my posture. Great product!


My lower back never felt better

I love my Mindlsoles. In fact, I bought 3 pair. My back feels so much better.


No more foot pain

I can honestly say that these in soles have helped my feet, legs and back. Like most I was sceptical. But I can wake up and step on floor with out feeling pain shoot from foot to back. I can stand at work on concrete for 8 hours and not be in pain. I really recommend these insoles to every one!


Been recommending them to everyone

I am a massage and bodyworker and I have so many people coming to me in pain that is unnecessary. I ordered 3 pairs of these and am about to order more! I use one pair and gave the others to clients that were desperately searching for relief! They are great ordering more


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