3 Diets You Want To Avoid

Three Dangerous Fad Diets You Should Avoid

These potentially harmful diets also can make it impossible to lose weight long term, damage your joints, disrupt your hormones, age your skin, and may even lead to serious health complications. However, you want and need to make a change to look and feel better right?

Well, sit back and relax because the good news is that if you stick with us thru to the end of this article, not only will you understand why these are not good for you, but you also will know the option that just might be right for you.

Diet to Avoid No 1: The Grapefruit Diet

Graprefruit diet

This diet may sound great if you like grapefruits…But the high amounts of sugary glucose you eat from all the fruit damages your mitochondria — The little energy factories in your cells that power your body and keep your organs working.

According to pediatric neurologist Jong Rho, MD, of the University of Calgary Children’s Hospital…“Empty calories of sugars, flours, and other processed foods force mitochondria to burn through a great deal of junk… generating free radicals and inflammation as they go. This is what creates faster aging, a slower metabolism and plays havoc with your hormones.” [1]

For a diet to be successful it MUST nourish your mitochondria which boosts your metabolism and keeps your organs healthy.

And the trademark of a diet is something you do to force weight loss that you can’t stick with forever. You don’t get enough nutrients to survive, let alone thrive on just eating Grapefruit. Can you imagine how sick of grapefruits you would be in a few weeks?

A real plan to solve your weight and related health issues has to be something you can live on, for life. That is not this diet.

Diet To Avoid No 2: The Dukan Diet

Avoid the Dukan Diet


Avoid the Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a high protein diet that restricts fat intake an doesn’t seem overall very balanced at all.

The problem is, when you don’t get enough fat your metabolism slows down making it impossible to lose weight.Plus, there’s many potentially fatal disorders that become triggered with such a high protein consumption. 

As Dr Nick Moran, a consultant neurologist at King’s College explains: “… there are several other disorders that could be triggered by high protein intake. They include: liver disease and mitochondrial diseases.” [2]

This is the reason why I recommend you avoid strict “high protein” fad diets.

Further, they not only slow your weight loss. But can cause you serious harm. 

For a diet to be successful it MUST include good fats to keep your body burning fat at full speed. There are many studies that show that humans don’t need nearly as much protein as we think, or as the media seems to suggest. Eating in balance with healthy fats and getting all the nutrients our bodies needs is a much healthier way of living.

Diet To Avoid No 3: Commercial “Packaged Food” Diets

Diet programs like Nutrisystem and other so called boxed diet foods are very poor diets in our eyes mainly for two rather larger reasons right off the bat.

1. It’s so much prepackaged processed foods. Ugh, seriously. This is not natural.

2. Since all/most of the food is packaged food stuffs, when you are off the plan, you are off the food that hopefully got you the weight loss you wanted. Therefore, maintaining your weight loss is like completely a new deal.

Here are some estimated costs of following Nutrisystem here in the US as of 2018-2019 numbers we last checked:

  • Nutrisystem meals: 294.99 per month (estimated)*
  • 4 flex lunches: $40.00 (estimated)*
  • 4 flex dinners: $40.00 (estimated)*
  • 1 box of Nutrisystem Shakes: $59.99 (estimated)*
  • Additional snacks: $150 (estimated at $5/day)*
  • Total monthly cost = $539.98 (estimated)*

    * all prices above are estimated and were correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing but How2Health.com makes no warranty of these prices being accurate then or at the time of reading.

The weight loss is pretty slow at a target of 1-2 pounds per week, the fact that you are basically starting over figuring out maintenance when off the program, but worse of all is the seriously processed boxed foods you rely on.

Come on people, boxed foods are not good for you, especially potentially GMO and non-organic foods. And the amount of processed salt you take in daily on these “foods” is not good either. We strongly recommend whole natural fresh food!

So, What Diet Do You Recommend?

If you were to ask me what would be the perfect “diet”, I’d say it would have to be one that:
A) Involves eating foods that HEAL your body from the inside and avoids excessive glucose and carbs.
B) Involves eating lots of healthy fats to heighten your metabolism and keep you full.
C) It’s a plan that you can stick with and enjoy for all your years to come.

So far, I’ve only ever found ONE eating plan or lifestyle plan that gives you all 3 of these things. 

This plan literally has put the diet and wellness industry on its head, and there are thousands of people who swear by this program now.

You can read our full review of the Favorite Foods Diet,

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